This section is here to inform everyone of the aftercare required after each treatment, and offering tips to brides or anyone planning their treatments around events.

I always advise brides to trial a treatment prior to their event to get an idea of the outcome, and ensure there are no major underlying allergies. We'd all hate to have someone react days before a big occasion - so trials are best!


Lash lifts are best to be done with a minimum of 2 days before any event as they require no water/steam for 24hrs following.

They do last 6-8 weeks so can be done anytime leading up to anything big, and a tint can can be done the days prior to revive it.
Waterproof mascara needs to be avoided 48hrs prior to your appointment.


Henna is quite a process. It also needs to be kept dry for 24hrs following and it also "settles" after its first wash.

I always recommend to people to try henna a few months prior to any major event- that way we have time to play with and adjust colours if we want. It also gives the product time to build giving longer lasting results!


Requires no water or steam for 24hrs following and also no makeup.. This technique uses standard tint - and produces fluffy full brows so requires time to 'settle' following.


We recommend always having one trial prior to an event to determine shape, colours and possible art options.


We recommend having one trial prior, to pick to the ideal colour desired for the final result.  Shaving needs to be done 24hr prior, waxing 48hrs prior, and exfoliating for the week leading up to your appointment. 

You must come to your appointment completely clean and chemical free! No deodorants, perfumes, moisturizers, dont wash/condition your hair the day of as it leaves a barrier on the skin. Also note: You must not pee in the shower upon your rinse! It will strip your tan and leave you streaky. 


Dermaplaning is best done 2-3 days prior to any major event. That will ensure a smooth, hair free face for perfect makeup application. The following 24hrs - you will need a fresh pillowcase, lots of water and moisturizer, and sunscreen when outside. Please avoid and AHA's, BHA's, and retinols for 72hrs after. No makeup is allowed in the first 24hrs unless mineral. 


Requires active skincare for at least 3 weeks leading up to the treatment. It works best with a minimum of 3 sessions when targeting skin concerns. An aftercare pack is also recommended. The immediate aftercare requires no makeup for  minimum of 24hrs following, and the treatment can provide redness, and sometimes inflammation and bruising so is best done on weekends or when downtime is available after. All new clients must have a skin consultation prior. 


Some light peels can be done leaving minimal redness following - but will require no makeup for 24hr after. Some of the more advanced peels can leave redness , and the days following will have skin flaking so please consider that when booking.